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Welcome to TODO!

Everyone -- at one point or another -- needs a helping hand from a caring neighbor. And sometimes we can be that caring neighbor to someone else who needs help! TODO is an easy-to-use website that connects neighbors who need a helping hand with a volunteer who wants to help!

The heart of our work at TODO is to empower individuals to love their neighbors by connecting the needs of our community with volunteers like you who can assist with simple projects as an expression of love.

What types of projects can you help with?

Generally speaking, most of the projects posted on this website by neighbors seeking assistance are projects that can be accomplished by individuals, families, or groups, and do not require special tools, advanced skills, or a long time to complete, including: 

  • Basic home repair and maintenance projects
  • Basic yard cleanup, maintenance, and landscaping projects
  • Technology or paperwork assistance
  • Shopping, errands, or moving assistance
  • Prayer and encouragement

Important Volunteer Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to TODO volunteers:

  • Registration & Background Screening -- For the protection of our neighbors and volunteers, all volunteers using the TODO website must register on the website and complete a background screening. Wonder what's being checked?  Review TODO’s background screening policy here.  Background screenings through the Indiana State Police are built into the registration process and are free of cost to all volunteers.
  • Serving in Groups -- To serve as a group, at least one individual must register on the website as a volunteer and complete a local background screening. This individual will be the lead volunteer and is agreeing to be responsible for managing the project, ensuring project safety, and for collecting and submitting signed waivers from each person participating in the project prior to serving on a project.
  • Volunteer Waivers Required for All Volunteers -- All projects have inherent risk. All volunteer activities associated with using this website are considered "at you own risk" for volunteers of all ages.  Volunteers who have registered on the website and passed a background screening have also signed a volunteer waiver as part of that process.  All other volunteers participating in a project are also required to fill out and sign a waiver prior to serving on a project. 
  • Serving Under Age 18 (Minors) -- Minors under the age of 18 may participate in age-appropriate projects by serving with a registered volunteer over the age of 18 who is responsible for their safety. Minors must provide a volunteer waiver signed by themselves and a legal guardian before serving on a project.
  • Where to Find Volunteer Waivers & Other Resources -- Volunteer waivers for adults and minors are available for download in the Resource Center.  Completed waivers can be signed and dropped off at the TODO office or scanned and emailed to

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about volunteering with TODO, please email or call TODO.

Ready to love your neighbor? Let’s get started!

We hope that we are able to connect you with a neighbor to share help and love.  Whether it's mowing a lawn, helping someone move, or replacing a light bulb, a helping hand from a loving neighbor can show people that they are cared for and not alone.

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